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1. Liquid Chromatography

1.1 HPLC-Columns

Carbohydrate CA++ - HPLC Columns 153 kB
HPLC Columns Chiral AM 328 kB
HPLC Columns Chiral OM 81 kB
HPLC Columns MultoHigh 89 kB
HPLC Columns MultoHigh Bio-Series 180 kB
HPLC Columns MultoHigh-U 2033 kB
HPLC Columns Organic Acid 151 kB
HPLC-Normal Phase Columns. General information 78 kB
HPLC-Phases- all Multo-Types from CS 208 kB
HPLC-Reversed Phase Columns. General information 78 kB
MultoHigh Phenyl 222 kB
Multospher PFAS 156 kB
Multospher-APS-HP 883 kB
Precolumn cartridges

You can find further information in the catalogue:
   HPLC Pre Columns
   HPLC Pre Column Cartridges
   Short Columns
152 kB

1. Liquid Chromatography

1.4 Accessories

Connecting options for analytical HPLC Columns

You can find further information in the catalogue:
   HPLC Column Accessories
105 kB
Flowmeter HPLC 140 kB
Guard Column Holder for 1 cm Guard Columns 253 kB
Guard Column Holder for HPLC Guard Columns 358 kB
HPLC Column Thermostat 381 kB
Inline Manometer HPLC 93 kB

2. Gas Chromatography

2.1 Derivatisation Agents

Silylation Agents MSTFA 61 kB
Silylation Agents TSIM 62 kB

2. Gas Chromatography

2.2 Liner

Liner - Cleaning and Deactivation. Order Form

You can find further information in the catalogue:
   Cleaning and Deactivation GC-Liner
224 kB

2. Gas Chromatography

2.3 Columns

FS Capillary Column CS-624 129 kB
FS Capillary Column INNOPEG-2000 114 kB
FS Supreme-5ms Capillary Columns 138 kB
FS-CYCLODEX Capillary Columns 135 kB
FS-Supreme-5ms / Hydrocarbon Analysis by H53 Method 523 kB
Gas Chromatography with Packed Columns 205 kB
USP-Codes for GC Phases 90 kB

2. Gas Chromatography

2.4 Accessories

Gas Electronic Leak Detector LD239 161 kB
GC pre-column 152 kB
Hydrogen Emergency Shut-off System for GC laboratories 183 kB
Order Form for Packed GC Colums

You can find further information in the catalogue:
   Packed GC-Columns Order Form
67 kB

3. Vials & Caps

3.1 Vials & Caps

Fluorine-free sealing disks…not just for PFS analysis 137 kB
High Temperature Head Space Analysis 176 kB

3. Vials & Caps

3.2 Crimper & Decapper

Mechanical Crimper and Decapper / Installation 263 kB
Setup Instructions for manual Crimpers 522 kB

4. Sampling & Sample Preparation

4.2 Polyurenthane Foam Filter (PUF)

PU Foam for Gas Sampling 69 kB

5. Liquid Handling, Fluidics, Syringes

5.2 Valves

Booklet IDEX-/Upchurch. All about fittings 3318 kB

6. Accessories (general), Services, Other

Surface treatment of glass: description and sample request

You can find further information in the catalogue:
   Glass Surface Treatment
128 kB
Syringe Filters MULTOCLEAR 130 kB

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